Free Hosted Content and Marketing Tools

Campaign Management:
Our Campaign Tracking function is a great way to set up individual tracking systems for as many sites and links as you desire. Just like Google Adwords, this is a powerful feature to see what is best working for you. Campaigns are ways to track your signups as a webmaster. For example, you have two sites and you use link codes for the first with one campaign and link codes for the second with another. Then you can track how many signups/hits are being made from the first site, and how many from the second. If you've used MPA3 or Google Adwords before, you will already appreciate the power of this function.

Banners and Ads
Sssh, and all other sites in our offerings come equipped with a full suite of professionally-produced banners, buttons, half-page ads, towers and odd-size graphics to fit most any website placement need.

Flexible Linking Codes
Beyond simply having a default href link to each paysite's main page, you can also specify one-time-payout -vs- revshare payout, alternate landing pages for specific interests, and create specific campaigns on the fly to track your success.

Hosted Movie and Photo Galleries
Enjoy our large selection of Original Content photo and movie galleries, featuring content that we have produced that represent the high quality of our work. These work great for blogs, RSS feeds, mailings, and links on your portal sites.

Hosted Movies, Galleries and Pictures Of The Day
These are real time savers for you as they rotate daily from the same static link that you never need to update. Ideal for use on Blogs, RSS feeds, Link Sites, and other portals with repeat visitors that don't require manual TGP submissions with reciprocal links. Give them a try!

Hosted Free Sites
Popular Web 2.0 "MySpace" type of sites that are very sticky and convert sales to paysites like crazy! Set up to track your code with no "link leaks" to any sites other than the ones you get paid for. For example, SsshTV.

Free Content For TGP Submitters
If you are an affiliate marketer that specializes in TGP submissions that require reciprocal links or specific page layouts, please contact us after you sign up. We will give you site access to download anything you need in the way of photos and movies so you can create your own galleries that meet the requirements of the popular TGP sites. We are also happy to talk to you about providing free hosting for your custom TGP galleries.

Webmaster Referral Program
We provide you with a tracking link to give to other webmasters. When they sign up for SpiceCash and make sales, you get 10% of very sale they make, including rebills.

If you have any questions, please drop us an email
or call us at 603-465-9088 during business hours. We're happy to work closely with you to insure your success!