What Does AVN Have To Say?
Sssh: Secrets of an Adult Site... for Women By: Rebecca Gray
Skye O’Donovan’s art/XXX site for women, Sssh.com (pronounced “Shush”), is an online erotic magazine that’s actually made a dent in the formidable barrier our industry faces down when it considers mainstream marketing: ELLE magazine, as part of an ELLE/MSNBC Cybersex and Romance Survey feature, ran a segment titled “Girly Show” by Toys in Babeland co-founder Rachel Venning. Venning “sounds off on everything [about] female-friendly porn.... ” Her number one pick in “Sites to See” Sssh.Com... Read Full Article

Marketing To Mainstream AVN Article By: Ken Knox
...Rabinowitz (Scott Rabinowitz, president of Traffic Dude) fingers sites like Sex.com, NakedSword.com, ConsumptionJunction.com, Sssh.com and popular adult search engine Booble.com as examples of adult webmasters getting it right, adding that “gateway” sites (such as women’s erotica and mainstream gay content like that found at Gay.com) have an even greater advantage because they can be easily marketed to both adult and mainstream end users... Read Full Article

What Does XBiz Have To Say?
More Women Into Porn By Gretchen Gallen
Presented as an erotic magazine "designed for women, by women," Sssh.com applies a lighter touch in its design and selection of hardcore adult content...Read Full Article

SpiceCash Targets Female Niche By Tina Reilly
A veteran affiliate program since 1994, SpiceCash features hosted galleries and free original licensed content for webmasters. But its new feminine counterpart, Sssh.com was created to tap into a niche market that Wasteland's Angie feels is "completely untouched."...Read Full Article