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If you've tried to find your G spot on your own, you know it can get rather awkward trying to reach it with your fingers. Located on the upper wall of your vagina, about an inch in from the opening, G spot exploration is a lot easier with help from a toy. G Spot toys are also the ideal shape for prostate stimulation.

Crystal Wand
Price: $ 23.95

A sensual S-shaped dildo designed to find your G-spot -- and other hard-to-reach places. Hand-crafted from clear crystal acrylic, so it looks like glass but is, of course, shatter proof. The curves of the S-shape combined with the hard material make this toy especially good for G spot stimulation.

Classic G
Price: $ 21.95

The Clearly G is a hit with everyone who comes in contact with its friendly vinyl exterior -- and no wonder. You can't top a toy that vibrates to beat the band, curves to stroke your G-spot and sports a textured base to caress your clit. Some women prefer the comfort of this vinyl material in their G spot play, but other women find that firmer toys (like the Wavy G dildo below) work better.

G Spot Discovery Kit
Price: $ 48.95

Find that pleasure-packed G-spot with the help of this handy kit. Learn how you or a partner can stimulate your G-spot by watching Unlocking the Secrets of the G-Spot video, then put your knowledge to good use with the Classic G vibrator and Astroglide lubricant.

Wavy G
Price: $ 44.95

This dildo (it does not vibrate) curves to reach the G-spot, and is a good choice for those who find the Clearly G vibrator a bit too soft. It can't be beat aesthetically; this toy comes in an elegant blue/white swirl design. Relatively short and stocky (5'1/2" long by 1 1/2" wide), this dildo is great for solo play, but might come up short when used in a harness if you want deep penetration.

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