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Romantic Rendezvous
Price: $ 24.95

There are zillions of sophomoric sex games in existence, but this one manages to be respectful, fun and sexy. It's designed to get you to expand your experience of sex through role playing, fantasy, sensual touching, and by learning to better communicate with a partner. Cards suggest activities to try, and emphasize a non-competitive approach and inclusive language ("partner vs. husband").

Relationship Enrichment Massage Oil
Price: $ 14.95

With its luxurious scent and all-natural formula, this light massage oil sets the stage for a memorable erotic massage. This oil will enhance your experience of both smell and touch, and meets all the practical requirements for a good massage -- non-greasy, non-staining and in an easy-to-use bottle. The Almond and Pikaki scents are pleasantly subtle.

Chocolate Finger Paint
Price: $ 12.95

The first time I tried this I didn't want to share it. I'm a closet chocoholic, and I like to hoard good chocolate. I've tasted a lot of sensual gels and flavored creams (mostly yucky), but this stuff was pure Belgian chocolate. It spreads on kind of thick, but that just leaves more to lick off! Or, you can warm it a little and it'll spread better.

Glow in the Dark Dice
Price: $ 9.95

This pair of erotically charged dice can enliven anyone's sexual game playing. Tantalizing suggestions are made with each roll you and your lover make. A game is sure to lead to a great round of foreplay or more.

Cleopatra's Erotic Bubble Bath
Price: $ 19.95

It takes thirty roses to make just one drop of rose oil. That's why this fragrant bubble bath with aphrodisiac properties is so precious. Cleopatra's special rose oil ingredient is also known to soften and smooth the skin. Whether alone or with a partner, your bathing experience will be unforgettable.

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