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Dildos provide a feeling of fullness when used vaginally or anally, and typically don't vibrate (see the vibrator section, for insertable vibrators).

Price: $ 47.95

This is one of many excellent dildos from a company called Vixen Creations, a woman-owned dildo-manufacturer always looking to improve women's experience of pleasure through evolving designs. All their toys are made of silicone, which is easy-to-clean, firm, and warms to body temperature. Long and slim (7" long by 1 1/4" wide), this is a good choice if you want a dildo both for solo play and to use in a harness. Typically, the harness will rob you of about 1/2" on the dildo length (covered by the ring and space between bodies), but the Mistress will still give you deep penetration. If you find that long dildos or penises bump your cervix (you'll know, it hurts), go for a shorter model.

Price: $ 46.95

Just as some folks would rather have a dildo that bears no resemblance to a penis, others want one that looks and feels as much like the real thing as possible. The Cyberflex fills that bill, since it's made of this material called cyberskin (or in this case, imitation cyberskin), which is the closest thing to real skin invented by the adult industry. The sculpting isn't quite true to form, but it makes a decent attempt. The real beauty of this baby is the flexible spine in the shaft of the dildo, which allows you to mold the toy into any shape you like. Average-sized (6" long by 1 1/2" wide).

Bobbie Sue
Price: $ 54.95

Slip the included vibrating egg into the hollowed-out shaft of the Bobbi Sue and transform this handsome, semi-realistic silicone dildo into a sex toy built for two. Sure, you can enjoy the Bobbi Sue's vibrating shaft all by yourself, but strapping it into a harness for partner penetration allows you both to savor the sensation as vibrations surge between you.

Price: Varies according to size

Enjoy hands-free dildo penetration with the commanding Emperor. The dildo sits firmly atop a strong suction-cup base, so you can plant it securely on any smooth glass or tile surface for a hands-free ride. The lifelike texture and coloring, combined with the Emperor's impressive size, invite you to get down to business Roman-style. This dildo comes with an elegant red velvet bag, convenient for storing your toy. Large is 8" x 2", medium is 6" x 1-3/4".

Price: $ 84.95

Finally -- a double dildo designed with intelligence and crafted with style! The Nexus is a pleasure to wield by hand, but reaches its full potential worn in a harness. Each end is individually molded: A short, comfortably curved dildo nestles inside the harness wearer, while the longer dildo extends forward in an elegant arc that makes penetrating a partner -- vaginally or anally -- a breeze.

Terra Firma Harness
Leather Price: $ 49.95 / Fabric $ 32.95

Dildo harnesses enable women to strap on dildos in order to be the fucker rather than the fuckee. The Terra Firma is considered by many to be the most well-designed model as it's fully adjustable, comfortable, and secure. Two waist straps and two leg straps each snap directly onto the dildo ring, allowing you to individualize the dildo fit. It has adjustable, stay-snug D-rings, and will fit any dildo with a flared base and a diameter of 1 3/4" or smaller. The harness fits up to 56" hips, and comes in leather or fabric.

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