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Vibators are powered either by electricity or batteries, and can be used in all sorts of way to improve your experience and enjoyment of orgasms.

Pocket Rocket
Price: $ 19.95

A vibrator small enough to fit in your pocket, and strong enough to blast you into orgasmic bliss. The Pocket Rocket earns high marks for its mighty buzz and its discreet look -- no one recognizes this as a sex toy, so you can carry it with you everywhere. Fans of this toy give them as gifts to vibrator novices; this particular model features three interchangeable caps for extra spot stimulation.

Hitachi Magic Wand
Price: $ 49.95

Meet the vibrator that legions of women have stashed under their beds. Why is it so magical? It delivers strong, reliable vibrations to the clitoris (it's not designed for insertion), which appeals to women who want to orgasm with little effort, who want to shoot for multiple orgasms, who like a just-before bed-time quickie, or who need extra stimulation to climax during partner sex. Plus, its long arm can be positioned easily between partners or used comfortably alone, and it lasts for years. Snap on the Gee Whiz or Gee Cap Attachment for internal vibrations and to tickle your G-spot, or use it on your clitoris for more focused stimulation. The Hitachi is often recommended for women learning how to orgasm (see Betty Dodson's Selfloving video). Note: If you like your vibrators small, quiet, gentle, and portable (the Hitachi requires a wall socket), this probably isn't the vibrator for you.
  Also recommended for use with the Hitachi Magic Wand.
  G Cap attachment: Price: $ 14.95 "featured on HBO's Sex and the City!"
  Gee Whiz Attachment: Price: $ 47.95 Revel in the simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation afforded by this attachment.
  Selfloving Video: Price: $ 39.95 Masturbation guru Betty Dodson's groundbreaking workshop.

Natural Contours
Price: Varies according to size.

If you'd like to keep your sex life separate from kids, roommates or snoopy airport security, pick up one (or all of) the sophisticated Natural Contours -- designed by a woman, for women. Innocuously sleek and aerodynamic, they look more like cell phones or beepers, but they feel like top-of-the line, whisper-quiet vibrators. Small comes in orange, medium in green, and large in white. The large can also be inserted vaginally. The new Ultime vibe is a wonderful G-spot vibe.

Wahl Massager
Price: $ 31.95

This nearly silent, discreet vibrators has been marketed as a "beauty aid" with advertising images of fresh-faced maidens pressing the tip against their cheeks. But legions of adventurous women have moved the vibrator to regions farther south, discovering that the super-focused, strong vibrations feel heavenly on one's clitoris. This toy looks nothing like a traditional phallic toy, with a handle much like that on a hair dryer, and a small vibrating tip that accommodates a variety of attachments (It comes packaged with seven; let your imagination run wild). This model makes a great gift for vibrator novices, who might be put off by more explicit-looking toys. It also happens to be one of the quietest toys you'll ever run across, just the ticket if thin walls or curious kids abound in your house.
  Also recommended for use with the Wahl Massager
G-spotter attachment: Price: $ 6.95 Satisfy your craving for vibrating G-spot penetration.
Come Cup attachment: Price: $ 6.95 Introduce your male partner to the pleasures of vibration.

Fukuoku 9000
Price: $ 23.95

It's advertised on TV commercials relieving headaches, but the Fukuoku's real talent is adding vibration to your sexual repertoire simply and non-intrusively. Slide the tiny, cordless Fukuoku right onto your fingertip and incorporate vibration into partner sex or masturbation as naturally and easily as you would touch yourself. Because the Fukuoku runs on powerful watch batteries, the soft vinyl tip packs a quiet-but-mighty buzz. If you've ever had your hand cramp up during masturbation, this toy will give you some staying power.

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