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Vibators are powered either by electricity or batteries, and can be used in all sorts of way to improve your experience and enjoyment of orgasms.

Price: $ 32.95

This is the non-remote version of the Butterfly, and you can use the toy in many of the same ways to provide extra clit stimulation in a number of intercourse positions.

Wild Blue Yonder
Price: $ 34.95

The stretchy cock ring slips over a penis with the vibrating bump facing up, so that during penetration, the vibrator's jelly fingers tickle the woman's clit. Experiment with rhythm and technique to find out what works best for you-you might discover that having your partner stay deep inside your vagina affords you the most direct stimulation, or you may like the stop-and-start teasing of more vigorous thrusting. facing down and inward, so it vibrates the testicles. With a self-contained battery pack, so your hands are free to seek other pleasures.

Remote Butterfly
Price: $ 99.95

Now your lover can turn you on from across the room with a simple flick of a switch. You wear the toy-a G-string with a vibrating butterfly positioned over your clit- he/she gets to operate the controls. When it's just you controlling a vibe, it's much harder to prolong your pleasure (orgasms are so irresistible!), but with another person at the helm you both can have fun with anticipation and release. Because you can "wear" this vibrator, your hands are free to explore other pleasures, and if you want to wear it during partner sex, simply move the strap to one side. This toy gives you a great opportunity to indulge your exhibitionist side-wear it under your clothes if you go out to dinner or a night on the town, and hand the remote to a partner (or a waiter, or a stranger!).

Price: $ 69.95

Spend long, unforgettable hours figuring out the different ways to enjoy this high-tech vibrator. The Audi-Oh is basically a bullet vibrator attached to a battery pack that transmits vibrations caused by audio input. Talk dirty into the microphone and literally get your lover off with your words, or plug the unit into your stereo and masturbate along with the pounding beat.

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