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101 Nights of Grrreat Sex
Price: $ 29.99

Once a week couples each tear a sealed page from this book and follow the instructions for pleasing each other. The erotic scenarios, with names like "Tricks of the Tongue," "Puss 'N Boots," and "Dangerous When Wet," are divided equally among men and women, so both partners take responsibility for introducing more creativity and spontaneity into their sex lives. Corn's unique book helps couples explore fantasy and role-play, while enjoying the thrill of anticipation and the element of surprise.

The New Good Vibrations Guide to Sex
Price: $ 24.95

Buoyed by the indefatigable wit and wisdom of the authors, this indispensable encyclopedia of all things sexual escapes the dry, cautionary attitude of many sex manuals and manages to energize, enlighten and inspire on every page. It covers everything from fantasy to fellatio, from masturbation to cybersex, but the special attention paid to sex toys is utterly unique to this guide. An all-orientations approach and quotes from customers of the San Francisco sex toy store of the same name make this a delightful read for readers wanting to enrich and understand their sex life.

Price: $ 14.50

Get up close and personal with women's vulvas courtesy of this absolutely original collection of full-color photographs of women's genitalia. This book shatters the notion that women's genital anatomy is shameful, embarrassing or secretive -- check it out to appreciate the remarkable individuality of women's labia, see the clitoris up close, admire the beauty of the female form, and savor the erotic charge you'll get viewing nature's perfection.

Sex for One
Price: $ 14.00

One love affair can last a lifetime: the one with yourself! So says Betty Dodson, the author of this friendly guide to masturbation. Dodson illustrates her enthusiastic and informative text with her own magnificent erotic charcoal drawings of vulvas, as well as individuals and couples masturbating. Her work celebrates the vital role masturbation plays as a means of sexual self-expression, an avenue for learning about sexual response and an erotic treat for couples who want to expand their sexual routine.

The Survivor's Guide to Sex
Price: $ 21.95

Survivors of child sexual abuse can learn how to make room for pleasure. Haines, a sex educator and somatics practitioner, delivers thought-provoking recipes for sexual empowerment that encourage readers to dance with -- rather than run from -- the complexities of their libidos. Journey into graduate-level recovery and define pleasure zones in this guided tour through sex toys, boundary exercises, libido-friendly resources and body consciousness for you or your partner.

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women
Price: $ 14.95

New to anal enjoyment? Crave some handy rules for the ride? This guide will teach you all about the pleasures of anal sex, from how it feels to how you might feel about it. By exchanging false taboos for safety and comfort, you'll savor and delight in fantasies, analingus, shaving how-to's, and insertive, receptive and solo exploration. The book covers a wealth of information, including hot, anal-oriented erotica.

The Good Vibrations Guide to the G Spot
Price: $ 7.00

The phenomenal success of this slim guide suggests that legions of women are deep-sea diving for that mysterious treasure known as the G-spot. Whether you're just starting your quest, or are a practiced explorer, you'll appreciate this book's welcome perspective, tips on technique, excellent anatomical review, information on female ejaculation, and enthusiastic encouragement.

Female Ejaculation and the G spot
Price: $ 15.95

If you've ever wondered how to ejaculate, this book will teach you how to stimulate your G-spot stimulation in order to ejaculate. Lots of advice on toys, techniques, positions and exercises that will increase your chances of success. With a great section on how partners can help, the book is very upbeat and affirming of a woman's right to ejaculate!

The Ultimate Guide to Strap-On Sex
Price: $ 14.95

Bring a dildo, harness and lube to your next sexual encounter, and experiment with all kinds of pleasurable penetration. This bubbly guide to strap-on sex provides practical instruction for everyone, male and female, straight and gay, who has a hankering for strap-on play. Covers sexual positions, toy and lube selection, and effective communication. Includes a resource guide.

Aqua Erotica
Price: $ 14.95

Get wet and go wild with this unique waterproof book of explicit water-themed stories. Highlights include a pair of young Indian women who turn simple cups of water into thrilling sex toys, and an older woman being coaxed into an electrifying first time ejaculation. The characters' erotic adventures in the ocean, shower, hot tub and the rain will surely inspire some thrilling water-play of your own.

I Am My Lover
Price: $ 25.00

Rarely are women's real-life orgasms captured in still photography, a feat which makes this one extraordinary book. The sexual excitement of twelve women masturbating before the camera is absolutely contagious, and the 100 black-and-white photographs illuminate the tremendous range of individual sexual expression. Those tired of sanitized or stereotypical portrayals of female sexuality will appreciate the nice range of body type and age, as well as the subjects' enthusiastic use of vibrators, dildos, and lingerie. Photographs by Phyllis Christopher, Victoria Heilweil, Craig Money, Ron Rafaelle, Michael Rosen, and Annie Sprinkle.

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