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Price: $ 22.95

Lots of people like to "wear" an anal toy in place, so this type of toy is called a "plug," you push it inside the rectum and leave it there, rather than moving it in and out. This gives a feeling of fullness and stimulates the prostate. Plugs like this one usually have a bulge above the base, which helps keep them securely inside. This toy is popular as with first-timers because of its modest size, plus it's made of silicone, which is pliable, warms quickly, and is very easy to clean.

Price: $ 17.95

This anal plug has got a similar shape to the Buddy, but it's less expensive because it's made of rubber. Harder to clean (the surface is porous, so even with plenty of soap and water it may not ever look new!), but the texture and purple color are appealing.

Price: $ 22.95

This toy looks more like a tiny dildo than an anal plug-there is no bulge in the center-but it's the right toy if you want something that will move in and out. The finger-width makes it a great size for newcomers to anal play, it's easy to clean (silicone again), and it can double as a small dildo. If you want to experiment with larger objects anally, try something from the dildo section.

Tail Spin
Price: $ 19.95

This toy might conjure up images of alien exploration, but it's definitely worth the ride if you like anal play. While the vibrating finger-length tendril buzzes inside your rectum, the base vibrates pleasantly against the anus.

Anal Beads
Price: Varies according to size

These beads, connected by a nylon cord, have been popular anal toys for eons. You insert the beads and then pull them out one at a time; a hit with folks who like the feel of their anus opening and closing around each bead as it goes in and out.

Price: $ 40.00

Experience more intense orgasms through prostate stimulation, courtesy of this best-selling anal toy. The Aneros is anatomically designed to massage the prostate from two sides. The main arm massages the prostate directly while a second arm stimulates the other side by tickling the perineum. A curly handle allows for easy penetration, removal, and manipulation alone or by a partner. Women find it also a pleasure both anally and vaginally.

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