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For the last 18 years, has been the web’s premier destination for porn made from a woman’s point of view. Drawing on survey responses and other member feedback, Sssh creates erotic movies based on it's members fantasies and desires. Their movies communicate true passion and mutual pleasure, always striving to be equal parts intelligent, sexy and entertaining. A feature rich site, also offers a large selection of erotic fiction, audio content, an extensive virtual world, educational articles and contributes to a variety of charitable causes which benefit communities all around the world.

In addition to its primary website, Sssh also produces Mindbrowse, an interactive online live show, and the Twitter-based chat program #SexTalkTuesday, which has had such guest moderators as Margaret Cho.

Adhering to the highest ethical standards, Sssh takes pride in treating all its employees, performers, customers and business associates with fairness, compassion and respect.

About Angie Rowntree

Angie Rowntree is the founder of, the web’s premier “porn for women” site and winner of the 2015 XBIZ Award for Best Alternative Website. An inductee to the AVN Hall of Fame Founders Division who also has been named as one of the industry’s top female power-players, Angie got her start in the adult industry’s online sector in the early 90s, making her one of the adult Internet’s true pioneers. In addition to directing’s original films, Angie is also the producer of the online discussion series, which brings together directors, performers, academics and critics to tackle some of the most incendiary and controversial topics surrounding the Adult Industry.

Known for her lighthearted and straightforward approach, Angie is a frequent participant on panel discussions at adult industry trade shows, and has been profiled by a variety of major media outlets, including ABC’s Nightline, CNBC, Fox, Cosmopolitan, NPR, the BBC, and TIME magazine. Most recently, Angie became the first member of the adult industry to speak at a Sundance Institute event, appearing at the “Creative Tensions: Sex” experimental interactive discussion event in Brooklyn.

XbIz Winner 2017 Winner Adult Site of The Year - For Women
June 8, 2015 Angie Rowntree was featured along with actor and director Taylor Mac in a presentation called “CreativeTensions: Sex,” the second in a series sponsored by the Sundance Institute Theatre Program and produced in partnership with IDEO.
XbIz Winner 2015 Winner Best Alternative Site
AVN Award 2014 Angie Rowntree / Sssh.Com were Inducted into the
AVN Hall of Fame - Internet Founders Division

Film Festivals

Toronto International Porn Festival (Formerly Feminist Porn Awards) 2017 - "Gone" Official Selection

Sweden International Film Festival - "Gone" Official Selection / Semi-finalist

CineKink 2016 - "Gone" Official Selection

Los Angeles Film Festival 2016 - "Gone" Official Selection

Wendy's Shorts 2016 - "Gone" Official Selection

IHolly International Film Festival 2016 - "Gone" Official Selection

Award Nominations

XBIZ 2017 - Adult Site of the Year — For Women

XBIZ 2017 - Progressive Web Company of the Year

XBIZ 2017 - Best Sex Scene – Virtual Reality: Empowering Ava: A Virtual Reality Experience

XBIZ 2017 - Xbiz Executive Awards - Progressive Leadership

AVN 2017 - Best Virtual Reality Movie: Empowering Ava: A Virtual Reality Experience

XBIZ 2016 - Adult Site of the Year - For Women -

XBIZ 2016 - Couples-Themed Release of the Year - Gone

XBIZ 2016 - Best Actress – Couples-Themed Release - Madeline Blue for's "Gone"

XBIZ 2016 - Best Actor – Couples-Themed Release - Gee Richards for's "Gone"

XBIZ 2016 - Xbiz Executive Awards - Progressive Leadership

Avn 2016 - Best Drama - Gone

Avn 2016 - Best Alternative Site -

XBIZ 2015 - Feminist Porn Release of the Year - Interlude

XBIZ 2015 - Best Alternative Site

XBIZ 2014 - Best Speciality Site

AVN 2014 - Best Web Release - Ellington

AVN 2014 - Best Speciality Site

2013 The Sex Awards - Favorite Site -

2013 The Sex Awards - Hottest Sex Scene - Ellington

XBIZ 2012 - Best Speciality Site

AVN 2012 - Best Speciality Site

AVN 2011 - Best Speciality Site

RISE Award 2010 - Best Romantic Site

Movie Screeners

Are you a member of the media? Screeners for "Gone" and "Empowering Ava: A Virtual Reality Experience" are avaliable. Please contact Anne at Press (at) Sssh (dot) com

Trailers are available at the following urls
Gone -
Empowering Ava -

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Our On-Set Policies & Best Practices and director Angie Rowntree has received both the APAC stamp of approval and is also listed with the Ethical Porn Partnership.

The Ethical Porn Partnership is a coalition of adult content producers, performers, consumers and supporters who believe responsibly-made porn is possible. We aim to showcase, encourage and support alternative, independent porn producers and performers' work, and broaden consumer choice. The EPP champions the ‘porntrapraneurs’; the independent producers and performers who are creating more imaginative, innovative adult content and expanding online porn’s erotic potential.


The APAC (Adult Performer Advocacy Committee) Stamp is an approval system which gives performers guidance on the companies, agents, and outside professionals who follow guidelines in order to maintain ethical work practices that protect the rights and safety of performers in the adult entertainment industry.